Monday, 22 September 2008

How to storyboard!!

Right. Some of you can already storyboard, others haven't before- so here is what to do! Please read even if you have done film work before because there are some things you need to know so our storyboards will go together.

On the side of the blog will be some links to great sites on how to storyboard so take a look at those for more detailed info.

Basically, for Internet Zombie Movie (aka World Wide Dead) I will be sending you

a) a blank storyboard template and b) your section of the script.

As I won't have the complete finished script until the script writers have finished in a week or two then i can't send you the full script as well so use the following summary of the film and contact me with any questions regarding your section.

Here is a very basic outline-

-Introduction: Autopsy video. Chomping videos. Vlog reactions.
There is a strange video on the Internet depicting a dead body coming back to life that has inspired copycats, harsh reactions from vloggers, and scorn from traditional media.

-First Act: Character introduction. Strange attacks. Exodous. Proof.
Ben and his pal Eric are introduced as Internet slackers from London and New York. Ben's best friend Abbey is introduced and she has a problem. Abbey also has a boyfriend, Ethan, and a friend, Kelley who make their way over to Ben's apartment at Abby's invitation because there are strange attacks going on in the heart of London and people are leaving the area on their own accord.
The Government isn't saying anything about the attacks and are urging people to stay in their homes and stay calm. Ben and Eric look on the internet and find proof that people are being attacked and killed in cities all over the world.

-Second Act: Zombies! What to do? Trapped. Prepare to leave.
Proof that the danger is being caused by zombies becomes undeniable but Ben and friends can't decide what they should do about it.
Ben and friends become trapped in his apartment for a night and must keep their sanity while trying to think of a way to escape.

-Third Act: Escape London. Kelley killed. Angela Evacuated.
The zombies move away from the area for a moment, giving Ben and friends a chance to escape. They make their way through the city in a desperate dash for freedom with zombies behind them all the way. Eric guides them to safety using the Internet to access surveillance cameras around the city, but Kelley is killed on the way.

-Ending: Soldiers. Abby killed. Ben & Ethan surrounded. Eric power outage.
Ben and friends make it out of London only to be shot at and turned back by nervous soldiers. Abby is shot and killed accidentally, leaving Ben and Ethan alone to face an oncoming horde of zombies spilling out from the city. End.

Now, as for the storyboard "look" as I mentioned before you must draw in black and red. this will unify the storyboards even though everyone will have different drawing styles. Pencil or pen is fine. Here is a great example from the free comic that came with the Shaun of The Dead DVD which is the kind of thing i have in mind for the way the drawings/colours might look.

copyright Shaun of the Dead dvd.

I'll be uploading an example of a storyboard that I have drawn up for the film this week to show you how to arrange the wording on the right, how to organise the script with the illustrations and how detailed you should be. Feel free to go for more detail if you have time! Hopefully I will get that on here in the next couple of days.

And we also have some people working on character designs, when i get those i'll put them up here and please use them for your storyboards- i'll upload them all for everyone to see and then the best ones i'll post as the final designs so please try to draw the characters like this so we can tell who is who in everyone's storyboards.

I think that explains the main things. Let me know if you have any questions. And have fun drawing! As I receive your finished boards (email to I'll upload them here, i'll try to add them here in order so there may be a delay as it depends how I receive the script from the writers....but we'll see how it goes. As soon as i email you a section of the script you should aim for one week max to complete it. If you are quicker email me for more script or if you have too much let me know as soon as possible and i'll send it on to someone else.

Oh one more thing, It would also be nice to have some concept artwork so if you are interested in this ie zombie images/how scenes might look that kind of thing work on those in your own time and i'll upload those too!


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